Update for MAG is available


Infomir have released new firmware 0.2.18-r11. The current upgrade is set to improve the performance of MAG Set-Top Boxes.

The most important changes are:

  • Improved Adaptive HLS playback;
  • Added support for fast channel change based on Qarva FCC;
  • Possibility to set up a password in order to access “System settings” (Access function under software customization).
  • Bug fix concerning protocol HTTPS.
  • We highly recommend that you upgrade the software on your devices with the latest 0.2.18-r11 version.

    Whole list of updates in the release 0.2.18-r11-250


  • Added support of Closed Caption and teletex subtitles.
  • Improved Adaptive HLS playback.
  • Fixed error in AES-CBC descrambler.
  • Removed tags during text subtitles rendering.
  • Added support of fast channel change based on Qarva FCC.
  • Fixed absence of open error event (code 5) in case of unicast UDP connection error.
  • Added possibility to set parameters to CAS plugin after plugin initialization phase.
  • Browser:

  • Fixed an error of some not working https sites.
  • Start size of portal web window is set to graphic resolution size.
  • Added fonts for Georgian symbols.
  • Embedded portal:

  • Updated localization.
  • Fixed menu transition animation.
  • Fixed application help section.
  • Fixed player header appearance and Home Media sidebar in NTSC.
  • Fixed keyboard layouts bug.
  • Fixed Internet Browser fullscreen exit and added default bookmarks.
  • Cosmetic fixes.
  • Fixed Sudoku game.
  • Fixed TV button behavior.
  • Added possibility to set password to enter system settings
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